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January Photo Collage

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Blessing 31: Enjoying our last day of skiing for the season. I will miss this.

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Blessing 30: 60 degree sunny weather and freshly laundered sheets blowing in the breeze. Ahhh!

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Blessing 29: You can spot those birds of prey a lot easier in winter. Too bad I couldn’t get closer to this one. Maybe it’s time for a new lens.

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Blessing 28: Baby girl turns 10. She brings such joy, love and life to our family.

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Blessing 27: The sun came out again! I can’t seem to get enough of the sun and beautiful winter sunsets.

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Blessing 26: Little flowers that hang on through winter.

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Blessing 25: Trees in winter on an overcast day. I am drawn to the silhouette patterns they create against the sky.

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Blessing 24: Cheap ski passes and hitting the slopes with my kids.

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Blessing 23: Banana nut muffins. So nice to still have a treat here and there in this month of being gluten free and dairy free.

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