Monthly Archives: October 2011

Blessing 304 (10/31): Happy Halloween! Sam always decides on a costume last minute but I like his ideas. This year he went as a creepy plague doctor.

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Blessing 303 (10/31): What is Halloween without jack-o-lanterns?

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Blessing 302 (10/29): Halloween Party!!

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Blessing 301 (10/28): Happy Hour on a cold, wet day. Common house coziness!

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Blessing 300!! (10/27): When they get along and care for each other. Luckily that is the majority of the time.

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Blessing 299 (10/26): Morning clouds. I break out in Cat Steven’s “Morning Has Broken” most mornings these days. Day break has been especially gorgeous of late.

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Blessing 298 (10/25): Cartwheelin’ in the woods.

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Blessing 297 (10/24): Fall flowers.

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Blessing 296 (10/23): Zucchini cars before the race. Quite a number of them crashed and burned. This made for a very entertaining morning.

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Blessing 295 (10/22): SLV Olympics. Have you ever played baseballgolfcroquet while wearing a motorcycle helmet? I didn’t think so.

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