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Blessing 289 (10/16): Don’t happy barns just make you happy?

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Blessing 228 (8/16): I was pleased to see kids taking advantage of their last day of summer. Good bye summer!

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Blessing 225 (8/13): Making it to the very last mile marker on the Blue Ridge Parkway. We biked the entire 470 miles. And climbed a total of 48,601 feet!

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Blessing 224 (8/12): Actually making it to the highest point on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

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Blessing 221 (8/9): Scenery is getting more dramatic these days.

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Blessing 220 (8/8): Biking on the very cool Linn Cove Viaduct.

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Blessing 219 (8/7): Back on the Blue Ridge Parkway with my trusty steed.

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Off on our biking adventure…will post photos when I get back 8/12.

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Blessing 196 (7/15): Our training rides inevitably include mountain climbing these days. I managed to climb 7 miles up a mountain this morning (woo hoo!). The views of the valley on the way back down made it worth it.

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Blessing 191 (7/10): Another misty early morning of biking. I both hate and love to get up before 7am.

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